Individual Income Taxes

Record Keeping Guide

The following outline provides general guidelines for tax record keeping. Consult your tax professional for information relative to your specific needs.

  • W-2’s from all jobs held during the year.
  • W-2Ps from all pensions & annuities.
  • 1099s/miscellaneous income.
  • Distributions from pension/profit sharing plans.
  • IRA distributions.
  • Interest and dividend statements.
  • Rental income/expense information.
  • Date and sales price of stocks and bonds including
    purchase price and purchase date of stocks sold.
  • K-1s.
  • Alimony Received.
  • Medical expenses (insurance premiums, doctors, dentists,
    hospital, prescriptions, glasses, mileage).
  • Personal property taxes on your vehicles, real estate taxes.
  • Mortgage statement-Form 1098 (interest/real estate).
  • Sale or purchase of house-settlement sheets.
  • Did you refinance? If so, bring closing statement. (HUD-1)
  • Interest on second trust/equity line.
  • Charitable contributions (cash & non-cash).
    Any contribution of $250.00 or more must have a receipt.
  • Charitable Contribution Chart
  • Employee business expenses.
  • Child care (name, address, ss# of provider).
  • IRA/SEP contributions and year-end statements.
  • Alimony paid.
Special items for Business Owners
  • If you have inventory, take a year-end count.
  • Record your ending odometer reading for the business mileage deduction.